Hi, I am Alex
UX & UI Designer

I’m a multi-talented designer with over 15 years of experiences in wide range of design disciplines.

Knowledge & Workflow

I have been an embedded designer in a development team for many years. But I also have extensive experience in customer projects. My work spectrum encompasses a wide scope of a project. Started with an analysis of the current situation in relation to competitors. In-depth analysis of the information architecture with user interviews.

Next wireframes are created which are further refined. In addition to the UX, the visual side of a project is also considered. Then or even in parallel, the front-end implementation is started. Everything is an agile process, which means that every task needs as many loops as it needs. And for sure after launch is before launch. Improving UX and conversion rate is an ongoing process.

Feel free to ask for more information and background.


Low/ High Fidelity
Visual effective Layouts
Colors & Typography

Software & Development

Adobe Photoshop,
Illustrator, Indesign
GIT Version Control
via Github
Figma, Adobe XD,
HTML5 / CSS3 with
Cinema 4D,
Responsive Design
for Websites / HTML Mails
Icon Font
HTML Frameworks
Bootstrap / Foundation
HTML Mails / cross client
testing with Litmus
Agile Development
with SCRUM
Web Accessibility

Design Process

A uniform approach ensures the quality of the entire project. Thus, the customer knows the work process exactly and knows what to expect and when and how something is communicated. This creates a trusting basis.

01 Briefing

+ Workflow outline + Sketch the project -> Protocol document

02 Analysis

+ Content Analysis + Competitive Analysis + Information Architecture + Create personas -> Project document

03 UX Concept

+ Flowcharts + Low/Hi-Fi Wireframes + Digital Prototype + Testing -> UX Concept

04 UI Draft

+ Visual Design + Layout types + Colors & Typography + UI A/B tests -> UI Design System

05 Implementation

+ technical finalization + additional adaptions + technical optimizations -> Ready to launch product

06 Product launch

+ observe users + messure traffic / user flows + A/B tests + ongoing improvements -> Agile improving product

Experience and career

Here you can see my current work and involvend projects.

2023 - today CRM - Customer Relationship Management Tool - UX/UI Concept, Design, Frontend - Justrelate Group
2021 - today Neoletter - Marketing Automation and Email Tool - UX/UI Concept, Design, Frontend - Justrelate Group
2010 - today CMS Fiona 7 / 8 / Scrivito - UX/UI Concept, Design, Frontend - Infopark AG, since 2020 Justrelate Group
since 2010 Head of Product Design at Infopark AG in Berlin
2009 - 2010 OMC - Online Marketing Cockpit, later WebCRM - UX/UI Concept, Design, Frontend - Infopark AG
2008 - 2011 Work for several customer projects like Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, IFCO, Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben
since April 2008 Creative Consultant at Infopark AG in Berlin
August 2007 - March 2008 Freelancer
July 2007 Diploma - Interface Design - Visualization of medical data
March 2006 - August 2006 Internship as web designer / graphic designer at shipyard agency hamburg
October 2004 - July 2007 Tutor in media systems at the department - teaching several design software and web development
2003 Study Industrial Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Magdeburg
2000-2003 Study Mechanical Engineering at the "Otto von Guericke" University in Magdeburg
1999-2000 Basic military service at the Bundeswehr
1999 General university entrance qualification at the "Otto von Guericke" high school Magdeburg

Study - Industrial/ Interface Design

Here you can see the diploma thesis and several projects form university study.

Visualization of medical data

2007 - DIPLOMA

The diploma thesis, which was created in cooperation with the Institute for Pathology of the medical Charité in Berlin, presents a concept that is intended to help solve an ever-growing problem. Easily legible, understandable knowledge should be generated from unmanageable masses of data.

With the rise of digital technology in hospitals, many new possibilities for data analysis and collection have emerged. In the meantime, these heterogeneous databases have become so unmanageable that they are difficult to evaluate with a simple search query. The actual potential of patient data often remains unused.

The focus of this work lies in the conceptual development, elaboration and design of an efficient, user-oriented interface for everyday use in research and clinic. Doctors and scientists should get new and simpler comparison and evaluation options with this software. All workflows are structured in such a way that they are useful and knowledge-promoting for the user. Physicians should neither be overwhelmed nor underwhelmed by user requirements.


2007 - 6th semester

A new era is beginning: with innovative, modular, standardized system architectures, a highly flexible platform for assembly has been developed. The task was to develop a concept and design for this automated assembly cell in an integrated production process.

PDF Documentation (only in german available)


Virtual Microscope

2007 - 5th semester

The input element does not require a long training period without under-challenging the user. The main functions are clearly structured and can be understood intuitively. You can navigate through the image by moving the palm rest horizontally or vertically. By turning the item to the right, you zoom in. Zoom out to the left. There are 2 buttons on the palm rest, A and B.

PDF Documentation (only in german available)

Virtual Microscope

Project IPC

2006 - 4th semester

The task of the project was to develop a PDA (personal digital assistant) for industrial use. Industrial use here means use under difficult conditions such as shock resistance, water tightness, long battery performance, modularity and ergonomic handling. New concepts were developed after precise specification of technical installation components and instructions for the integration of certain design features.

PDF Documentation (only in german available)

project ipc

Cleanex stair cleaning robot

2006 - 3rd semester

A new era is beginning: a highly flexible platform for aggregate assembly has been developed with innovative, modular, standardized system architectures. The task was to develop a concept and design for this automated assembly cell in an integrated production process.

PDF Documentation (only in german available)

stair cleaning robot